Concurrent Engineering and designing for manufacturability are a systematic approach to product manufacturing that maximizes quality and efficiency while minimizing production cost and lead time. By applying these practices to every project that comes into Machine Incorporated, we’ve been able to provide our customers with a service that’s more valuable than ever.

From the very beginning of the cheap canadian viagra production process, our experts at Machine Incorporated collaborate internally and with customers to consider every aspect of design, engineering, and manufacturing processes together. The experts at Machine Incorporated have years of experience when it comes to collaborating with engineers and designers to provide input on the manufacturability of new designs before they reach the production stage. This input has allowed us to identify opportunities for design optimization that have helped our customers cut costs significantly.

The design processes for engineers often takes into consideration the functionality of the final product while focusing less on manufacturability. Concurrent engineering at Machine Incorporated allows us to approach our customers and say “You’ve designed it this way – but you’d get the same results and where to find nolvadex and clomid spend less if we could do it this way instead.” By offering design assistance for manufacturability we can suggest valuable changes that can reduce the cost of the part while never sacrificing functionality or performance.

Concurrent engineering and design for manufacturability benefit our customers in a number of ways. Some of these benefits include:

  • Production Costs: With better communication, costly design and manufacturing changes late in the process are avoided—reducing production costs and decreasing time to market. Additionally, by taking advantage of design assistance, customers needn’t worry about machining in a costly material when a less expensive material would work just as well. For example, many times we receive original designs calling for metals such as stainless steel – when a plastic would work offer the same performance while lowering costs.
  • Lead times: With more efficient collaboration and by designing for more effective manufacturability, parts, products, and components can be completed significantly faster than if each stage of the process was undertaken independently. This means that products get to market faster and help contribute to our customer’s bottom line sooner.
  • Workflow: Concurrent engineering and design for manufacturability enable a higher level of project planning that allows for more effective collaboration and a faster workflow. By considering the many aspects of a project in a parallel instead of a linear mindset, we can guarantee that concurrent engineering and design for manufacturability get our customers the parts they need faster.

When you need machining for virtually any part, you’re concerned with quality, cost, and a reasonable lead time. At Machine Incorporated, we’re concerned with the very same things. We’ve optimized every aspect of our business to offer our customers a service with an inherent value that’s hard to find in this industry. So if you want machining from a provider that will help you cut costs and get your part faster – Contact Us today.